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Originally Aired 9/17/93

Ch. 1 - Brisco In Jalisco
Ch. 2 - Guns of Hutter

Brisco and Socrates head to Mexico to recover some stolen guns. Brisco is in for a shock when Pete Hutter turns up as the thief, trying to sell them to a crooked General.

Brisco takes the job only after learning that the train from which the rifles were stolen from was stopped when it crashed into a large rock placed on the track and painted like a tunnel - our friend Pete Hutter's favorite trick. Brisco thinks that Bly is involved and is relieved to learn that it is Pete's "singular genius" that is behind the caper. Socrates pretty much whines his way through the episode firmly establishing his role as a city lawyer. The big thing is blooming romance between Brisco and Dixie. After a parting kiss, they both get a dazed - straighten your jaw out kinda look on their faces. A wonderful touch.

Brisco and Pete make a deal.
Pete gets the point!
Things begin heating up between Brisco and Dix.
Dixie says bye with a twinkle in her eye.

Brisco Nearly Gets Toasted By:

  • Getting shot in bed by Zaca's men.
  • Being burned with Dixie and Socrates in a barn.
  • Riding into a hail of bullets while blowing up the guns.


  • Brisco is surprised to meet Pete in the Generalissimo's Hacienda.
    Pete: "Hello Ba-risco."
    Brisco: "Correct me if I'm wrong Pete, weren't you killed in a gunfight?"
    Pete: "I's only gut shot. I healed, I'm stronger now with less appetite."

Writer: Carlton Cuse (teleplay); Carlton Cuse & Jeffrey Boam (story)
Director: James A. Contner

Special Guest Stars
John Pyper-FergusonPete Hutter
Kelly RutherfordDixie Cousins
Guest Stars
Paul BrinegarFrancis Killbridge
Robert FullerKenyon Drummond
Michael DeLorenzoEmilio Pena
Miguel PerezAguerro
Marco RodriguezGeneral Zaca

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