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The following is an excerpt from the article by Joe Nazzaro. The article is an interview with Kim Manners, who is now a director and producer for THE X-FILES. The first part of the article discusses Manners' previous work as a director, and goes on to mention a bad experience he had while directing an episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.

Manners is much happier with THE ADVENTURES OF BRISCO COUNTY JR., which starred Bruce Campbell as the offbeat Western hero. While the series was a critical success, its ratings were less than stellar, and Fox sent it to Boot Hill after one season.

"That was the first season lead-in for THE X-FILES, and Carlton Cuse was its executive producer," Manners recalls. "He had a comedy/action-adventure/Western, with some SF in it. It had some of the best tongue-in-cheek humor, and I never ever had more fun as a director. It really woke me up as a director, almost spiritually, and I know that BRISCO COUNTY is a big reason that I'm now so successful on THE X-FILES.

"I did seven BRISCOS, so I was kind of their mascot director, and Bruce and I were very in sync with how the show should be approached. Bruce actually called me when he got his first HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS episode to direct -- I was at my Missouri home, and I spent three or four days on the phone talking him throught the directorial process."

In Manners' opinion, BRISCO COUNTY was a show that was never really given a chance to prove itself. "They should have stuck with it, because I think there was a large blue-collar audience out there who would have picked up on it after NFL Football. When they didn't give it a second year, I was devastated, as was Bruce. I would like to see him do a BRISCO COUNTY feature. He was born to play Brisco, and I think he would make a fortune if he did a feature, because it's good clean fun; it's great action, it's great comedy, it's a great vehicle, and I think Carlton is making a big mistake by letting it lie on the shelf."

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